Unemployment of educated youth is one of the main concerns in J&K, like in many other UTs of the country. The problem of unemployment has aggravated over the years owing to a number of reasons as the pace of work opportunity could not cope up with the growth of population and because of surging unemployment amongst the educated youth both in urban and rural areas. In such scenario, the role of Employment Department becomes all the more important.

      The Government is making all possible efforts in providing gainful employment to the unemployed youth of the J&K, but it may not be possible for the Government to provide government jobs to all the educated unemployed. Under these circumstances, possibilities have to be explored for absorbing the youth by way of creating job opportunities in other areas also. 

      The Employment Department, J&K through its District Employment and Counselling Centers has been making efforts to create opportunities of Employment for the unemployed youth through various schemes, besides, creating awareness among the youth through Career Counselling and holding of job awareness programmes. The major functions assigned to the Department at present are as under:- 

  1. Implementation of Self Help Group of Engineers Scheme.
  2. Registration of unemployed youth.
  3. Career Counseling & Guidance.
  4. Job awareness programmes.


  1. SELF HELP GROUP (SHG) of Engineers Scheme:

      To overcome the problem of large scale unemployment, which is increasing with every passing day, Self Employment is the best way of reducing unemployment. Initiative taken by the government of J&K in the shape of launching of Self Help Group of Engineers Scheme for addressing unemployment among engineers has been yielding good results. This scheme was launched in the year 2003, with an objective to organize unemployed engineers of the state into groups to self-employ them by providing them gainful sources of livelihood in the shape of work contracts in the Works/Development Departments as an alternative to Government jobs, as also to create/ promote group culture among them for their socio-economic empowerment to generate employment opportunities for others as well. The scheme is applicable to unemployed engineers of the state in the age group of 21 to 45 years. Both degree and diploma holder engineers are eligible to form groups under the scheme. The number of members in a group can be from 4 to 10. The groups are required to register themselves with the concerned District Employment & Counselling Centres and thereafter need to revalidate their registration as per the procedure prescribed in the guidelines governing the scheme.

            Due to concerted efforts of the department, the number of Self Help Groups is increasing day by day. 46 number of groups are registered with the District Employment & Counselling Centre Kulgam as on ending March 2021, involving 197 engineers (123 degree holders and 74 diploma holders). 1249 no. of works have so far been allotted to these groups, involving an amount of Rs. 5120.568 lacs.   


 The registration of unemployed educated/un-educated youth for seeking employment assistance under various Self Employment Schemes of the Government is one of the major jobs assigned to the Department of Employment. The unemployed youth can register themselves online with the concerned District Employment & Counselling Centres on the state portal viz and in off-line mode as well.

      As on ending March 2021, 1712 (1290 Male, 422 Female) number of youth are registered with the District Employment and Counselling Centre Kulgam. However, this number could be much higher, as the process of registration with the Employment Department is voluntary and not mandatory.


           The positions of Career Counseling Officers have been created in every District Employment & Counseling Centre for providing counseling/guidance to the educated unemployed youth who visit these centres for seeking employment assistance and guidance for various competitive examinations being held by the State and Central Governments, as also about the Self Employment Schemes of the Government. These Career Counselling Officers regularly visit various educational institutions, ITIs, Polytechnics etc. in their respective districts for providing career counseling / guidance to the students and help them to choose a meaningful career in absence of knowledge about available career options in the state/country.

         The Department has also been providing reading room facility along-with study material for the competitive examinations being held within and outside the State in some District Employment & Counselling Centres of the State to facilitate the aspiring students/ youth.

During 2020-21, 88 number of E-Counselling Sessions benefiting 4611 students and 27 number of off-line individual as well as group counseling sessions benefitting 841 students have been conducted by District Employment and Counselling Centre Kulgam. Moreover, during the Lockdown period due to Covid 19 the employment department served as a front line warrior providing Psychological Counselling to 892 ISM Labours in distress.